Following the Pan Am Games, there will be the Pan Am Championships in the first week of September in Paraguay. This event serves as a qualification for the 2020 World Team Championships in Korea. The top 6 women teams and the top 6 men teams will qualify.
The High Performance Commission has selected the following players for the teams:
Men’s Team
1) Jeremy Hazin (best ITTF ranking)
2) Marko Medjugorac (HPC selection – SF Canadian Championships, 2nd Canadian at ITTF rankings)
3) Edward Ly (HPC selection – QF Canadian Championships)
4) Terence Yeung (HPC selection – QF Canadian Championships)
Women’s Team
1) Mo Zhang (best ITTF ranking)
2) Sophie Gauthier (runner up Canadian Ch)
3) Joyce Xu (HPC Selection – SF Canadian Ch)
4) Hui Huang (May Tong) (HPC selection – QF Canadian Championships)
Men’s double
1) Jeremy Hazin, Marko Medjugorac
Women’s double
1) Mo Zhang, Joyce Xu
Mixed double
1) Marko Medjugorac, Sophie Gauthier
2) Jeremy Hazin, Joyce Xu
More information about the Pan Am Championships HERE.