On June 8-9, 2019, the TTCAN AGM was held in Ottawa. This was a very important meeting for the future of table tennis in Canada. Many heated discussions occurred, all in an atmosphere of cooperation with the interest our sport in Canada as the main priority.
Many tough and difficult decisions had to be made due to the very high deficit ($416,000) left behind by previous management. With a mature and professional attitude, all the participants at the AGM agreed to focus on the future and to set priorities to solve all the issues facing TTCAN. It was also decided to form Committees and Commissions to handle the many programs of TTCAN with a synergy and cooperation between the Board, the Members Council and our staff.

The professional staff of TTCAN has been reduced to 2 full-time staff and one financial part-time consultant. This is a very big reduction, therefore we count a lot on the efforts and contribution of our volunteers and the new Committees and Commissions that will be formed to take over the load.

Elections were held and the new Board of Directors is now: Alayna Chan (Athlete representative), Rob Chan (Finance and Administration), Najam Chishti (Competitions), Thorsten Gohl (Marketing), Chandra Madhosingh (Education), Attila Masonyi (Technical) and Adham Sharara (President).

The AGM concluded in a spirit of solidarity, cooperation and mutual respect, and respecting all point of views. Also all agreed that we will tighten our belts and hope to recover from the accumulated deficit over the next 3 years, and rebuild our surplus over the 5 years after that.

It is a new beginning, it is a new vision, and we will achieve our goals as a team and as a TT Family. For more information please consult the Minutes of the AGM posted on the TTCAN website under “Governance”.