My Table Tennis Club in Mississauga will be the host for the 2021 Canadian Para Championships from October 15th until the 17th, crowing the Canadian Champions in several classes. A total of 6 Provinces will participate in the event, 8 wheelchair athletes in classes 2 to 5 and 12 standing athletes in classes 6 to 9 and 11. 

When National Coach Ian Kent was asked about the championships,  here is what he had to say. “Well while it is disappointing to only have 20 athletes, I think it is during COVID, so naturally the numbers are down. On a high note, we will have 7 new athletes and 4 athletes looking to get involved again! So there is growth. We will have Canadian Champions crowned in standing classes 11,9, open standing team and open seated team as well as seated class 5 and open seated singles. It will be great to see these athletes compete for the first time in almost 2 years! I will be able to provide individualized on table training plans after seeing them play. It is good timing for this event as most will be competing at the Copa Tango in Argentina in late November. Good luck to all! See you at MYTTC MISSISSAUGA this weekend!”

Great to see another national event coming alive with the 2021 Canadian Para Championships.