The 2022 Masters (Veterans 35+) Pan American Championships will be held in Lima, Peru, 21-26 November 2022.

Please find attached the Prospectus for the Championships. You will find the age events offered in item 8 of the Prospectus. Also pay special attention to item 9 of the prospectus “Eligibility”. To participate in these Championships players must be eligible to represent Canada (Canadian Citizens).

TTCAN is not funding this event in any way. However, players who are eligible by age and nationality who wish to participate will be entered by TTCAN. All costs and logistics (except the entry) will be the responsibility of the player (travel arrangements, all costs, etc.).

Please distribute this information to players over 35 years of age and to clubs in your association. 

Any player wishing to participate must do the following:

      Send an e-mail to with the events they wish to enter and a copy of their passport.

      Send by e-mail transfer the entry fee (USD 100), the registration fee (USD 20) and the accommodation package fee (USD 500 or USD 680). The e-mail transfer must be in CAD using an exchange rate of 1.3 (CAD $130 + $26 +$650 or $884) 

TTCAN’s internal deadline to receive entries is 15 October 2022.

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