New Brunswick, played host to the highly anticipated 2024 Atlantic Championships, drawing participants from all four provinces and showcasing the talents of over 130 athletes across multiple events. The dedication and hard work of volunteers were instrumental in the success of the event, with over 555 matches played over the course of two days.

The championship featured a total of 18 tables, with the majority being Stiga Optimum tables, providing a top-notch playing experience for competitors. The official ball used for the matches was the Butterfly R40+, known for its quality and consistency on the table.

You can find the images from the event HERE. 

The results are here:

Atlantic 2024 Results

One of the standout moments of the event was the presentation of the Mo Mohammed Award to Michel, as highlighted by Virgilio Viter Santos. “Giving the Mo Mohammed Award to Michel was personally my favorite part of the event,” Santos shared, emphasizing the significance of recognizing outstanding achievements and sportsmanship among participants.

Reflecting on the event from the perspective of the New Brunswick Table Tennis Association (NBTTA), Santos expressed his joy in witnessing the positive atmosphere and camaraderie among attendees. “My favorite part was walking around and seeing everyone enjoying the event and giving compliments to all the volunteers,” Santos remarked, underscoring the collective effort and teamwork that contributed to the overall success of the championships.

The 2024 Atlantic Championships in Moncton not only showcased the competitive spirit and skill of table tennis players from the Atlantic provinces but also highlighted the importance of community support and volunteerism in fostering a vibrant and inclusive sporting environment. Congratulations to all participants, volunteers, and organizers for a successful and memorable championship event.