Promoting Growth and Inclusion

Table Tennis Canada is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated schedule for the 2024 Coach Development and Professional Development activities. With a focus on fostering a strong community of coaches, this year’s calendar promises an array of engaging topics, esteemed guest speakers, and a commitment to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Collaboration with the Gender Equity Committee has been a key aspect of the planning process, ensuring that the webinars and content provided throughout the year address important issues surrounding equity, diversity, and inclusion. By incorporating these vital themes, Table Tennis Canada aims to empower coaches and create an inclusive environment within the coaching community.

The 2024 schedule is a testament to the dedication and enthusiasm of all participants, and we express our gratitude for the continued support. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, the organization is excited to embark on another remarkable year of growth and learning.

Highlights of the 2024 Coach Development and Professional Development Calendar include:

  1. Engaging Topics: The schedule features a diverse range of topics, carefully curated to cater to the evolving needs and interests of coaches. From leadership development to sports psychology, the sessions aim to equip coaches with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in their roles.
  2. Esteemed Guest Speakers: Renowned experts and industry leaders have been invited to share their insights and experiences with the coaching community. These guest speakers bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, offering valuable perspectives and inspiring coaches to reach new heights.
  3. Gender Equity Initiatives: In collaboration with the Gender Equity Committee, Table Tennis Canada is committed to promote gender equity within the coaching profession. Webinars and content specifically focused on equity, diversity, and inclusion will be provided, fostering a more inclusive coaching community.

Table Tennis Canada encourages all coaches to mark their calendars and actively participate in the upcoming events. By engaging in these development opportunities, coaches can enhance their skills, expand their networks, and contribute to the overall growth of the coaching community.

Professional Development Sessions (Monthly @ Wednesdays at 7:00pm EST)

April 10 School/Recreation Table Tennis (Recruiting and Retaining Athletes)
May 08 EDI – Equity, Diversion and Inclusion in Table Tennis (Gender Equity)
June 12 Planning vs Purpose (the art of coaching)
July 17 Safe Sport (Gender Equity)
August 07 High Performance 101
September 13 Mental Performance in Table Tennis
October 09 Service and Receiving – what’s new?
November 8 Women in Table Tennis (Gender Equity)
December 11 Technologies in Training Methodology – Table Tennis

Coaching Workshops

May 03 (Friday) Community Coaching (6-9pm ET)
May 15, 22, 29 Competition Development theory virtually (6-9pm ET)
September 07 (Saturday) Community Coaching Course (1-4pm ET)
September 18, 25 and Oct 02 Introduction to Competition theory virtually (6-9pm ET)
October 05, 06 Introduction to Competition practical virtually/blended (1-6pm ET)
October 16, 23, 30 Competition Development theory virtually (6-9pm ET)
November 02, 03 Competition Development practical virtually/blended (1-6pm ET)
November 8 (Friday) Community Coaching (6-9pm ET)

For more information and updates on the 2024 Coach Development and Professional Development activities, please visit: