It is Jeremy’s first Olympic Games and how exciting as a 21 year old Canadian to take part in this multi sport event that is hosted every 4 years. The first round draw was not easy for him, but he played well and had his chances. At the end it was a 4-1 loss against the Slovanian TOKIC Bojan.

President of Table Tennis Canada Adham Sharara said: 

“Jeremy has a lot of potential. This is his first experience at an Olympic Games. He played with courage against a much higher ranked and more experienced player. Considering the difference in level Jeremy did well. I believe that if Jeremy continues to try hard and improve then he will be ready for 2024 and 2028 as he is still young. 

I always say that if a player has a lot of faults and a lot of weaknesses but can still win matches, then imagine how good he would be when these deficiencies are fixed. If a player has no faults but loses, then they would not improve. In Jeremy’s case, there is still a lot to fix and improve, so I think he can go very far and have very good results internationally.”

Our Mission Staff for the Games, Chris Reith took the time to interview Jeremy after the match. 

How do you feel about your match performance?

Jeremy: It did not go the way I wanted. As a 21 year old it is my first Olympic Games and I still have a lot to learn. I will learn from this and in the future I will play better. There was a few chances I had, especially in the second set when the score was 9-9 and I was a little bit unlucky. If I got the second set it would have been 1-1 in sets and it would have been a totally different match. He would have been more tense, but instead he was more loose after leading 2-0 and he brought the game to another level. 

How is your experience here in Tokyo and the whole Games environment?

Jeremy: I feel very good here in Tokyo. It is definitely different then many of my other tournaments. It is so great to be here with so many other top athletes. 

What do you learn from this experience and improve on in the future?

Jeremy: Definitely how to think about the match and how to change the strategy during the match. More variations in my game. 

Next up is Mo Zhang playing her match tonight at 1:45am EST against NOSKOVA Yana from Russia under the Olympic Games flag.