A new proposed Ranking System is now being examined by the Ratings Working Group, and has been distributed to all those that have provided input for changes to the current system.

The draft proposal has also been sent to all provincial/territorial associations for direct input. Once all the input is received and analyzed, final adjustments will be made by the Ratings Working Group. The final version will be given to the IT Expert for coding and to get it ready for implementation.

Here are some of the main changes in the draft proposal:

  1. ID Number: the results will be entered in the rating system using a unique ID number for each player rather than the player’s name.
  2. Those in the system with two ratings (same person with two names) will be merged.
  3. The classification of tournaments is reduced from 4 categories to 3 categories to lower the disparity between provinces/territories. 
  4. The majority of tournaments will be in the “1 Star” category, and each province/territory will be allowed 2 tournaments in the “2 Star” category. The “3 Star” category is reserved for the Canadian Championships and new National Circuit finals.
  5. The new point-exchange table is modified giving more points for “upsets” (Unexpected Results) giving a better chance for up-and-coming players or juniors to move up the ranking faster, but at the same time the loser will lose less points.
  6. The new point-exchange table will reduce the fear of losing and encourage participation
  7. The activity level is changed so that only active players who have results in the past 6 months will appear on the Ranking List, “inactive” players will appear on a separate “Inactive Ratings List” and will have 20 points deducted from their Rating points for each additional month of inactivity.
  8. The Provincial Rating Chairs will have the option to enter the tournament results directly into the Ratings database online after each event or during the event.
  9. The next step is to integrate the tournament registration, results management and ratings calculation.

19 May 2020