We took a few moments to talk to the President of the New Brunswick Table Tennis Association, the 13th and newest member of the National Sport Organization for Table Tennis. 

When did you and the group of Directors start the adventure to form, once again, a Provincial Sport Organization? Why?

Each one of us has a unique and interesting table tennis story. However, in order to keep it short, I might say that this adventure started back in 2018, after meeting Michel Ichiy and starting together the Table Tennis program at the YMCA of Greater Saint John. By that time we were both newcomers and former players from Brazil. 

We decided then to “hunt down” the players from NB. Without success in the beginning, we started to participate in tournaments in Nova Scotia. There we made a lot of friends from the Atlantic Provinces and started to hear rumours about other players from NB. 

Thanks to Joe and the NSTTA team, we met Allain Maltais from Bathurst, Ingrid McPhee from Moncton and Matt Hurst from Fredericton. By our own efforts, we qualified and participated together in the 2019 Atlantic Championships in Nova Scotia, representing New Brunswick after decades without a team. 

Since then, Ingrid has been doing an amazing job at Greater Moncton Table Tennis Club, being an example for us in SJTT and CCTT. I would not dare to try and explain why we decided to reactivate the NBTTA. When you love it you don’t really think about the reason, you just know what is the next right thing to do. 

What does it mean to you to become a member of Table Tennis Canada?

It means that we are on the right track, that our personal love for table tennis, our initiatives and our time applied locally is not only being recognized, but also part of a greater team, with aligned missions and vision. 

What is the goal for the organization in the next 5 years?

Recently we have set a lot of specific goals using a S.M.A.R.T. approach. But generally speaking: we are planning to develop the Table Tennis in New Brunswick in order to participate on all the applicable national/regional events and with real chances of performing at the highest levels, not only regarding the players, but also the officials. 

How many members do you have currently? How many clubs are involved?

Our membership log is under review at the moment. I would say we are slightly less than 100 members distributed in 3 clubs: GMTTC (Moncton), SJTT (Saint John) and CCTT (Bathurst). And we are on our way to have a club in Fredericton this year too. 

We are very excited to have all Provinces and Territories in the Table Tennis family in Canada. We are definitely looking forward to seeing New Brunswick participating in national events in the future.