A fun fitness activity for both children and adults. Aerobic Table Tennis uses music with a constant beat to improve both rhythm and timing with the added bonus of learning an Olympic sport, table tennis.

Participants not only keep fit, but also learn all the basics of table tennis, including footwork, bat and ball skills, speed, agility and table tennis stroke techniques. The sessions are fun, exciting and fully inclusive. A family activity.

A well-balanced life is what we all strive for but finding that “just right” combination also requires a routine of cardiovascular exercise. Most people are looking for fun workouts that combine aerobic movement, sport and music.

Aerobic Table Tennis (founded by table tennis coach Steve Rowe) has seamlessly created this combination with a unique and innovative exercise solution no matter your gender, age, limitation, or level of expertise at the sport itself.

What makes this activity so universal, is that even beginners can experience the intense cardio workout of an elite athlete through movement simulation without the ball. Then eventually the ball is introduced adding a cognitive aspect to the exercises.

Aerobic TT fully supports physical literacy. During the sessions participants will perform activities that will engage the brain, increase fitness, improve balance and improve hand eye co-ordination. It is the perfect combination of fitness and learning.



Overall fitness.
Increased Hand Eye Co-ordination.
Social Engagement.
Communication and social skills.
Improved Balance.
Learning the sport of table tennis.

Our Vision

To enrich and inspire the lives of individuals, by creating a lifelong love of table tennis and being physically active. To inspire the next generation of table tennis players to have excellent fitness, stroke technique and footwork movements.

Aerobic TT Instructor Training

We offer training workshops for individuals to become Aerobic TT instructors, enabling the programme to be delivered in schools, clubs, community centers and fitness centers.

For more information visit www.aerobictabletennis.com