We are pleased to inform you that the Age Categories and Eligibility Restrictions for the 2027 Canada Games have been officially approved by the CGC Sport & Games Committee and reviewed by Sport Canada. These details will soon be posted on our website and shared with Provincial/Territorial Teams for their reference.

In addition, we would like to share that the 2027 Sport Program and Team Sizes are currently in the final stages of approval. We are working diligently to ensure that this information is accurate and comprehensive. We anticipate sharing the finalized Sport Program and Team Sizes in mid-June.

Eligibility Restrictions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vMv7M9ve-K4UcPIohReHxrmXGH8Vd_dxzcCSxtRwyO4/edit

Excluded from the Canada Games are:

  • Senior National Team members – defined as: Athletes who have held an SR, SR1, SR2 or C1 card at any time; and/or athletes who are part of (on the roster of) a standing Senior National Team (i.e. recognized as a Senior National Team member regardless of event participation)
  • Athletes who have previously competed at any of the following events: 

Senior World Championships
Olympic Games
World Cups
Commonwealth Games
Pan American Games
Professional leagues

Age Categories: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QXmjOoKwfexTGYVGzK5S6wrbWJ7_YJ7dvIfHkQAR8DA/edit 

Under 19 as of December 31, 2026
Year of birth: 2008 or later