Our Canadian Table Tennis Olympians played an amazing match against the #1 seeded Chinese Team. At the end it was a 4-1 loss, but a great performance by Eugene and Mo. 

You were facing the favourite mixed doubles from China. Not an easy task. You should be very satisfied with the way you played today. 

Eugene: Yes, we are satisfied with the performance. This is the worst opponent we could have gotten. We were very happy how we played today. 

It is the first time we see mixed doubles. Canada had high hopes. What is your take away from this experience?

Eugene: It is a new event and of course it is a great experience. We were training very hard and I even gave up my singles spot to just focus on the mixed doubles. At least we are very happy with our performance today. 

It is not over for you yet Mo, you still have the singles event. You reached the third round at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016, what will it be this time around?

Mo: I just want to play match by match. Tomorrow is the first match and that is what I am going to focus on.