As TTCAN is restructuring, using mainly new volunteer-based committees, it has also started a plan to hire professional experts in several fields according to the TTCAN priorities. Over the past 5 months two expert Consultants were hired.

TTCAN has engaged a half-time Coaching and Athlete Development Consultant

As of 1 November 2019, Marles Martins of Ottawa, has been hired as “Coaching and Athlete Development Consultant”. Marles was already a member of the High Performance Commission, and in his new role he also assumes the position of Manager of the TTCAN Coaching Committee. His current responsibilities are:

–  Sport for Life (S4L) and Long Term Development Plan

–  Coaching Certification Committee manager

–  Liaison with Coaching Association of Canada

–  Responsible for the Coaching Certification “Locker”

–  Alignment point person between S4L, Sport Canada (OTP), CAC (NCCP) and COC

–  Member of HPC