These years male and female athlete of the year awards go to British Columbia, congratulations to Ivy Liao and Peter Isherwood for their hard work and dedication towards Table Tennis in Canada. For the second time, the Awards Committee took the advice, and wanted to reflect the amazing efforts that the Gender Equity Committee have done over the last few years. It is important to show and highlight achievements on and off the table, and both these athletes also reflected that. 

Peter Isherwood has won a silver and bronze medal at the Para Canadian Championships, two bronze medal at international events in Europe and South America. Once again, highlighting the importance on and off the table, Peter also sits on the Board of Directors as the athletes representative, is the Chair of the Athletes Commission and works with the Para Committee. 

Peter says “As a wheelchair Table Tennis player I love how inclusive the sport is. I can show up to the club and play anyone while still being competitive. I like changing people’s perspective of what a wheelchair player is capable of. 

I feel very honored and appreciative having been given this award. There are many strong and dedicated athletes within Table Tennis Canada.  As I mentioned previously about the inclusivity of the sport, I think this is another moment to prove that, with a ParaTT Athlete being nominated, and receiving the recognition. The para division of Table Tennis Canada is not a large segment of the program but it’s still being recognized.

Only that I’ve really enjoyed being part of the community and seeing it from many aspects. I very much look forward to the future and seeing where the next generation can take us.”

Hard working, never giving up and contributing to the sport is in both these athletes blood and we are very grateful for that. Congratulations to both of these wonderful role models in our sport!!!