When the young Siméon Martin moved to Quebec from Paris area with his family, he was already playing table tennis. It must be said that table tennis is well known in his family since Siméon’s older brother, Mattéo, started first playing table tennis in France. When the Martin family arrived in Montreal, they quickly found the Prestige club to continue their learning of the sport. In 2019, Mattéo participated in the Canada Games in Red Deer, Alberta, where he won gold in team (Qc) and boys’ doubles (Tommy Xu).

For it’s part, Siméon continues to progress, climbing the ladder one after the other as he changes age category. He successively won the U13 (2018), U15 (2019) and U19 (2022) titles at the Canadian championships. Meanwhile, he made his first international tournaments where he quickly found success. For example, he is finalist at the U15 Swedish Open in March 2020. Since August 2022, he has continued his training in France, more precisely at the Metz club. He also plays there in the National League 1, the strongest non-professional league in France. As such, he is the youngest player on his team.

A calm and confident player without being arrogant, Siméon has a very good sense of the game and can quickly read the game of  his opponents according to Maxime Surprenant, head coach of the Quebec team. He adds that Siméon’s success is not unrelated to the many sacrifices he has made in recent years to train hard. His decision to move to Europe to train is just the latest example. In addition, his physical skills, the quality of his touch on the ball and his ease in playing far behind the table are even obvious to neophytes.

Before the Canada Games, Siméon revealed to us that he had high expectations. He had in mind Edward Ly’s achievement at the last Canada Games, which was to win all the categories in which he participated. He adds, with a smirk, that he will have the chance to participate in 4 events and not 3 as in 2019 so that he had the possibility of winning more medals. Mission accomplished: Martin won 4 gold medals in mixed doubles (Alice Provencher), boys’ doubles (Joakim Desmeules), team (Joakim Desmeules) and singles. We wish him to continue to succeed to this talented table tennis player who dreams of pursuing a professional career in table tennis.