The TTCAN Board of Directors met electronically (ZOOM) on Thursday 25 August 2022. Here are some points of interest from the meeting:

  • The Board confirmed that the current TTCAN Appeals Policy be implemented in appeal cases, as was decided at special meeting of the Board on 16 August 2022, and that a new Appeals Policy be developed for 2023.
  • The Board confirmed the decision taken by e-mail that the participation at the World Team Championships be on a self-funded basis.
  • The Board accepted unanimously the restructure of the HP Commission, which becomes the “National Team Committee”; and the ParaTT Committee, which becomes the “ParaTT Advisory Group”. The Phase-1 of committees’ restructure is complete, and Phase-2 will now start for the remaining committees.
  • The “Bid Documents” for the 2023 Canadian Championships are prepared by the Technical Director and will be distributed to the member associations for bidding.
  • The multiple defaults resulting in “walk-overs” at the 2022 Canadian Championships may be subject to an investigation.
  • Some “bad behaviour” incidents by players and coaches at the 2022 Canadian Championships were reported (video). The Board outlined the steps to be taken to remedy this unpleasant situation.
  • The Board will wait for the decision of the courts in Alberta to decide on the status of the Alberta TT Association.
  • The 50th Anniversary celebration of the Canadian Junior team tour of China (1973) will take place at the 2023 Canadian Junior Championships.

BoD – 30 August 2022