The TTCAN Board of Directors met electronically (ZOOM) on Thursday 3 February 2022. Here are some points of interest from the meeting:

  • The Board is planning the launch of a new logo and a new web design soon. Stay tuned.
  • An activation plan for TTCAN’s social media platforms will be developed by Julie Forget (Fortius Communications) to be implemented soon.
  • TTCAN is grateful to Sport Canada for its continuous financial assistance during the pandemic and for the special “Recovery Fund” for 2021-2022.
  • Julie Forget presented the 5 Communication Goals and 4 Marketing Goals for TTCAN in 2022.
  • A restructure of TTCAN committees will take place on a step-by-step basis to update the TTCAN committee structure and make it more efficient.
  • The new Coaching Development Plan is being implemented with an ambitious goal of drastically increasing the number of certified (NCCP) coaches.
  • The Canada Winter Games “Technical Package” is ready and is posted to the TTCAN website.
  • It was announced that the World Team Table Tennis Championships (Chengdu, China) has been postponed. TTCAN is waiting for the new date to be provided by the ITTF. The World University Games will be held as planned in Chengdu, China (same city) from June 26 to July 7, 2022.
  • Rob Chan and Najam Chishti will represent TTCAN as delegates to the next ITTF AGM.
  • The postponed (from 7-9 January) National Team selection tournament will be held on 25-27 March 2022. The exact location will be confirmed ASAP.
  • The Board is considering holding a special celebration for the Canadian Junior Team and coaches who toured China in 1973.
  • Julia Charbonneau, Chair of TTCAN’s Equity & Equality Committee attended the Board meeting on behalf of the committee.

The complete and detailed Minutes will be available as usual at the following link:

TTCAN Board of Directors

5 February 2022