The Board of Directors met on 8 July 2021 electronically (Zoom). Here are the main points of the meeting:

  • The list of elected officials, professional staff, and coaches who completed the “Safety in Sport” online training was reviewed. 35 out of 40 persons have completed the course.
  • The Canadian Olympic qualifiers are in a 3-week training camp in Portugal in preparation for the Games.
  • The Board approved the advertisement for the new position of “Executive Director” for TTCAN. The position is scheduled to start in October 2021.
  • It was decided to improve and enhance the communications with the athletes and provide more timely and detailed information regarding selections as soon as the information is available.
  • The Athletes Commission’s election process will start in July and will conclude by the end of August.
  • A Coordination Commission to oversee the preparations and implementation of the Canadian Championships was formed.