The TTCAN Board of Directors met electronically (ZOOM) on Thursday 9 June 2022. Here are some points of interest from the meeting:

  • A social media plan aiming to increase the number of followers is being implemented by the communications firm “Dingus & Dazzy” under the supervision of Thorsten Gohl.
  • 235 athletes have entered the 2022 Canadian Championships to be held in Mississauga on 5-10 July 2022.
  • A Survey is being conducted by the Board regarding the format of the 2023 Canadian Championships. The results will be submitted to the TTCAN Members Council to make a final proposal to the AGM.
  • The Board approved the 2021-22 Audited Financial statements.
  • The Committees’ structure will be adjusted, and nominations will be sought.
  • The Target Group Team 28/32 program will be presented using a post-AGM webinar. The same will be done regarding the planning method “DBI” for future TTCAN plans.
  • The Athletes Commission nominations (7 athletes) was approved.
  • The venue for the 2023 Table Tennis event at the Canada Winter Games will be the Delta Convention Centre in Charlottetown.

BoD – 9 June 2022