• SAFETY IN SPORT – All TTCAN coaches who coach national team players, as well as Board members and staff, will have to follow a “Safety in Sport “course online. This is a Sport Canada funding requirement.
  • FINANCES – TTCAN has now completely recovered from the huge deficit ($420,000) one year ahead of the “Deficit Reduction Plan” approved by the AGM in June 2019.
  • Alayna Chan explained the cooperation of the Athletes Commission with Thorsten Gohl in social media activities, as well as the participation of 4 national team members in the TT Aerobics (TT for Girls) videos. The Athletes Commission also assisted in the production of Athletes’ profiles for the TTCAN website.
  • Due to personal reasons, Alayna Chan has submitted her resignation as Athlete Representative (Chair of AC and member of the Board).
  • To replace Alayna Chan, the Athlete Commission nominated Peter Isherwood (Para Athlete – BC). The Board accepted the nomination.
  • The Board discussed the feasibility of having the Canadian Championships as planned. The early July date is not possible due to the 3rd wave of the pandemic. Although one bid was received from Alberta TTA for the August date, it was felt that even a date in August may not be feasible.
  • The president asked for some more time before a final decision is made to see the possibility of having the Canadian Championships at an even later date in the fall (October).
  • The Canadian ParaTT Championships are tentatively scheduled for the last weekend in September (same date as the cancelled event last year) and in the same location in Mississauga. The date and location are pending confirmation by the ParaTT Committee.
  • PLANNING – The general TTCAN Operational Plan and Plan Overview were presented. The National Team Plan and the ParaTT program Plan will be finalized shortly.
  • GEDER EQUITY COMMITTEE – The Board confirmed Karine Dumontier as Program Manager on an honorarium basis. The Board also accepted two nominations as members, the Committee will be completed shortly.
  • Thorsten Gohl provided an overview of all the actions taken to increase traffic and views and subscribers to our social media platforms.
  • EXCUTIVE DIRECTOR POSITION – The President gave a general profile of the ideal ED. He also explained the options available in case we do not find a suitable candidate.
  • AGM – It was unanimously agreed that due to the current pandemic situation the 2021 AGM will be held electronically (Zoom) on 12 June 2021. Three (3) Vice President positions will be up for election for a two-year term mandate.
  • The dates and location of the World Table Tennis Championships have now been confirmed by the ITTF for 23-29 November 2021 in Houston, Texas.
  • The 2021-2022 TTCAN Budget was approved as presented with the flexibility of making modifications, if necessary, after the first quarter.
  • The “Coaches Screening Policy” was approved as presented.