The TTCAN Board of Directors met on 28 January 2021 (by Zoom) and agreed on the following points:

  • The Board adopted the Universal Code of Conduct to prevent and address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS). All of TTCAN’s policies related to “Safe Sport” will align with the UCCMS to guarantee a safe environment to our athletes and our members across Canada.
  • The Board appointed an Independent Third Party (ITP), Richard McLaren of McLaren Global Sport Solutions Inc. (MGSS) to receive any complaints of harassment, abuse or maltreatment of any kind.
  • The Board agreed to provide a grant of $5,000 per athlete to the four athletes who were carded in 2020 but cannot be carded in 2021 due to Sport Canada’s Athlete Assistance Program budget limitations. The beneficiaries are Joyce Xu, Sophie Gauthier, Edward Ly and Terence Yeung.
  • The Board also agreed to provide “training assistance” to 15 national team athletes to be used to pay for private coaching. The athletes classified as “International level” will receive $1200 each, and the athletes classified as “Continental level” will receive $700 each. The Board hopes that with this assistance the athletes will be able to get more direct coaching during the Pandemic.
  • The Board agreed to follow the recommendation received by an international expert and use sports flooring (ITTF approved) for all national championships, national team selection tournaments (trials), national circuit events, etc. to prevent the possibility of concussions in case an athlete falls on a hard surface such as concrete or hardwood.
  • The Board agreed to hire in the near future an Executive Director. The job description and timelines will be announced soon.
  • The Board agreed to allocate to the ParaTT National Team members an amount of $640 each representing a contribution towards private coaching fees
  • The Board agreed to recommend to the Members Council Chair, the appointment of Ingrid McPhee of New Brunswick as a member of the TTCAN Nominating Committee, joining Kevin Murphy (YK) and Gabe Ng (SK).

The Minutes of the Board meeting will be circulated and posted on the TTCAN website in due time. Board of Directors – TTCAN