On Thursday 29 October 2020 the Board of Directors had an “update” meeting regarding several matters.

The Board agreed to the following:

  • In order to enhance the quality of competitions across Canada, and in preparation for the planned “National Circuit”, which has been delayed due to the pandemic, TTCAN will survey the Provincial/Territorial Member associations for their needs in terms of tournament equipment, in particular competition-level tables, sport flooring and surrounds. TTCAN would order the needed equipment in bulk to obtain a favourable price, then subsidize part of the equipment costs so that the final cost to the receiving associations is very attractive. TTCAN would also provide a delay in payment, or payments in affordable installments.
  • The Board also discussed the possibility to provide a one-time “Participation Funding” for the next National Championships (Senior and Junior and ParaTT). In order to ensure the participation success of the 2021 National Championships, TTCAN would provide financial assistance to ALL Member associations to ensure full participation at the Championships from across the country. An analysis and budget will be prepared for approval by the Board.
  • The Board decided to have a new logo for TTCAN to be launched as part of a rebranding effort in 2021.
  • The Board approved for the 2023 Canada Winter Games the proposed list of Referee, Deputy Referee and alternates for each position. However, the Board has asked that the Officials Committee to nominate two more alternates (one more for each position). The final list will be announced in due time.

A TTCAN “Gender Equity Awareness” webinar will take place on 14th (English) and 15th (French) of November 2020. An official announcement and more information will be made available soon.