Canadian National Para Athlete Peter Isherwood travelled to Europe to participate in tournaments in Finland and Greece, bringing home a bronze medal in the singles competition. All self funded, he then traveled to Brazil and brought home another bronze medal for Canada in the singles competition. 

Peter took the time to write about his experiences.

“I feels very good having won my first medal in Europe. I think what brought me success is investing in myself with regard to Table Tennis. Putting time behind the table with my coach Luba, with other players, and using the robot. I’ve also decided to be involved in more tournaments. This was my second tournament in Europe within a months time and although the tournament in Finland did not go well I was able to gain a lot of experience that allowed me to adjust how I played in Greece.

When I return home I will spend the next few weeks with Luba preparing for Canadian Championships at the end of October. Following Brazil I will be making some changes to my game as well as my equipment. I will wait until after the nationals to do those changes which I believe will make me even more competitive on the international stage. A large limitation to the para program in Canada is the limited number of athletes and training partners. I found being on the road for the last month and a half and attending three tournaments meeting many international athletes Has given me insight into what I need to do next.”

Congratulations Peter and we are looking forward seeing you at the 2022 Canadian Para Championships in Mississauga, hosted October 29-30th, 2022.