Here is an invitation to participate in a promotional campaign for women’s table tennis that we have been preparing for several months. This joint initiative originated from Table Tennis Canada’s Gender Equity Committee and Athletes’ Commission. If you could share this invitation with your members, board administrators and network, it would be greatly appreciated. We will launch the campaign in October! Be on the lookout!

In the fall of 2021, we collaborated with Sport and Women in Canada for a promotional campaign aimed at promoting the practice of our sport among girls.
“She’s got it all” demonstrates that while women and girls have everything to succeed in sport, including talent, drive and determination, they also have to overcome obstacles that men typically don’t face.

Following this success and increased media coverage, Table Tennis Canada’s Gender Equity Committee and Athletes’ Commission have since joined forces in a Canada-wide campaign to promote and showcase different women and girls involved in Table tennis.

We need you!! How? By completing this short form! We look forward to reading from you! Together we can make a difference!

Karine Dumontier for the
Gender Equity Committee and the
Athletes Commission