David Lau (ON) & Xianfeng Zhang (AB)

Alberta and Ontario are the two Provinces that have qualified the newest National Referees in the country.  Congratulations to both.

Mr. David LAU (Ontario) and Mr. Xianfeng Zhang (Alberta) have completed all components of the program successfully.  Their hard work over the past couple of years has finally ended with success.  They have learned all of the theoretical components of the program and many practical components associated with assuming the responsibility of a national referee.  They will continue to learn as they gain experience at future high-level events in Canada.  TTCAN extends a sincere congratulations to these two individuals who have volunteered their services towards the betterment of table tennis not only in their own Province but also across the country.  Congratulations to both.


National Referee Program – A Summary

The four-part platform was instituted in 2009 with a restructuring of the previous program to include a practical component and an extended educational focus.

The revised National Referee Program includes:

  1. A 20-hour classroom experience with a hands-on focus
  2. Completion of a practical that includes the following:
    • Before Tournament: Do a Stage One draw (groups) on one of the events (for example Boys 18 Singles or Men’s Singles). Assessment includes proper separation by Association.
    • During Tournament:
    a. Conduct tie-breaks when situation arises; Assessment includes accuracy and efficiency.
    b. Do an Open Draw (Stage Two – KO) on one of the events chosen by Referee. Assessment includes the proper placements of seeded players and separation of Group Winners and Group Seconds.
    c. Interactions with players, coaches and parents/spectators. Assessment includes observation of candidate with others in a positive manner and when conflict arises.
    d. Interactions with umpire and referee team.
    • Post Tournament: Assist Referee with the completion of the Referee Report
  3. Attain a 75% on the 1-hour exam
  4. Must attain a minimum of National Umpire level