Table Tennis and ping pong are synonymous, it is a sport that is played by most Canadians at some point in their life, possibly in the basements of Canadian households, in schools, recreation centres or clubs.

“We have a huge focus on grassroots in Canada,” says Thorsten Gohl, Board of Director for Table Tennis Canada. “Reaching more participants from all backgrounds, genders, ethnic groups, deserving communities and ages is important to us.”

We are redesigning our website, making it modern and easy to navigate, highlighting images, stories of our athletes and members. This is the perfect opportunity of getting feedback from our athletes and committees to redesign the logo as part of an overall rebrand. Important to us was a new logo that is clean, simple and easy to identify the sport of Table Tennis and the national identity, Canada.

“Our priorities are transparency, communication and coming together to support the sport we love,” says Adham Sharara, President Table Tennis Canada. “We want to be financially sustainable, but most importantly we want to provide opportunities for everyone in the future.”