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The High Performance Commission has just published the June 2021 National Team List and National Team Points List (please see above). This list is very specific because the 2020 Canadian Championships, traditionally organized in the first half of July, have been postponed. All players have been maintaining their status, except for Alicia Côté and Marko Medjugorac who have announced their retirement from the National Team (both players are from QC) and Steve Wang (BC), who is not in contact with NT coaches or with the TTCAN staff. We wish them all the best with the hope that they will find a way, in the future, to help new generations of table tennis players in Canada.
National Team Points – What is new?
While the starting points have remained unchanged, the HPC has introduced several changes:
  • Instead of fixed ranking standing thresholds for each age category, a percentage threshold has been applied for all age categories. Players found in the top 5% of all published senior, junior and cadet players on the ITTF ranking list, will earn the designation of ‘Elite’. The top 15% will earn the ‘International’ and the top 50%, the ‘Continental’ designation. For mini-cadets, percentages are doubled and applied for the cadet category since this is the ITTF ranking list for the youngest players available. Please, see pages 3 and 4 of the document. 
  • Results at all National Team selection tournaments also contribute to the National Team points with the same weight as the Canadian Championships.
  • Only the PanAm Cup quarter-finals result counts for NT points. This is because of the changed event format. 
  • On page 5, the National Team points are listed for each age category, as well as National Team points listed for ALL categories to have a better overall insight of each player’s level and contribution. 
Following National Team Lists
  • List and points will be published twice a year – in July and January. 
  • Points will be calculated after each targeted event. Points list will be available on request and also distributed to National Team Training Centers coordinators.
  • A mini-cadets list will be published as a Next Generation – Team 2028. Details will be provided by the Competitions Committee, with the program starting in 2021 or late 2020. 
  • The National Team will consist of 10 players in seniors and juniors, and 8 players in cadets category. 
  • Semi-finalists of the Canadian Championships will be granted National Team status. Remaining positions will be filled by National Team points.


We invite all coaches, staff and parents to carefully read the National Team Selection Policy and contact us if you have questions regarding this policy.
Further, take a careful look at Table Tennis Canada’s Athlete Assistance Program policy. The two policies together outline the goals and priorities of Table Tennis Canada’s High Performance/National Team program by providing information important to the success of Canadian teams on the international courts.
For further information or if you have any questions, please email: ttcan@ttcanada.ca