Manitoba’s Greg Dzioba and Alberta’s Lay Chu Kong are proudly representing Canada at the Pan Am Olympic Qualifier in Lima, Peru. We had the opportunity to speak with Greg, a Blue Badge Umpire, about his upcoming time in Lima.

Greg expressed his immense honor and responsibility in representing Canada. During conversations, he is referred to as the “Canadian Official” before his name is mentioned. Greg sincerely believes that our players have the skills necessary to qualify for the Olympics and has no doubt in their abilities.

He emphasized that if everyone does their job well, he is not worried about the results. Greg’s excitement for the event is evident as he cheers on Team Canada with a resounding “Go Canada Go!”

Although there are no evaluations or assessments, Greg believes that maintaining maximum concentration is crucial. He may not interact directly with the players, but he understands the importance of focus and dedication.

To stay updated on the event, you can follow it here. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing our Canadians succeed at the Pan American Olympic Qualifier.