After a week of training in San Jose, U.S, the Chinese Junior table tennis team travelled across three time-zone and arrived in Markham, Canada, on Oct.10.

The City of Markham, Canada, is like a large ‘China town’ with lots of table tennis fans. On Oct.27th, 2017, Women’s World Cup of Table Tennis will be held in Markham. The Markham Pan Am Center, which is the venue of the Women’s World Cup, is also the location of the training camp.

After a short break, 27 members from Chinese table tennis team, the U.S team and the team from west coast of Canada had a simple opening ceremony in the early morning of Oct.12. On behalf of Table Tennis Canada, Tony Kiesenhofer, the CEO, welcomed the Chinese team and received the sponsored equipment, at a value of C$30,000, from Double Happiness (DHS). Meanwhile, Wei Liu, the captain of Chinese table tennis team, kindly presented the flag of Chinese table tennis team as a gift.


The picture features the participants in the Markham portion of the China in North America Camp.

Coach Yang Yu emphasized all the training regulations and started the first class of the camp, which is a qualifying tournament.

After a warm-up led by a member of the Chinese team, Kaiyuan Quan, a competitive qualifying round began.  The purpose of having the qualifying tournament in the first class is to assess the level of each member in order to better adjust or coordinate the entire training plan. In the morning, there were 6 members from the Chinese team, who were the top ranked after the match.

The training camp will go from October 12 to 17 when the Chines delegation will return to China.
This camp is the start of a regular cooperation with Chinese teams, and the official start of Table Tennis Canada’s Next Generation program – TEAM 2024.