As the world changes and ZOOM has already become a verb, Table Tennis Canada set up a ZOOM meeting with our Coach Facilitators to connect and share their experiences when it comes to facilitation, evaluation and development of our coaching courses.

Table Tennis Canada’s Coaching & Athlete Development Manager Marles was definitely excited about this “So great to connect with people. Things are new for all of us and we are still catching up when it comes to coach development. We love getting feedback from our professionals in the field when it comes to hosting sport specific courses. Good things will happen and I am already excited after our first get together. ZOOMtastic!”

“Communication and transparency is the motto of the new administration” says Table Tennis Canada’s Board of Director and Chair of the Coaching Certification Committee. With a ZOOMy smile, he continues “We have amazing partners, like Sport for Life, Own the Podium, Coach Canada and many others to help and support us in the process of getting on our feet again. We are a few years behind when it comes to coaching education, but we are lucky to have Marles on staff to support the progress that we are already seeing Having amazing volunteers in all our committees helps of course.”

The plan for Table Tennis Canada’s coaching education is to redevelop our Community Coaching course first. Allowing a quick introduction of Table Tennis to schools, community centres and parents to learn more about our sport. Reviews of Introduction to Competition, and Competition Development will happen later this year or next year, depending on the progress made.

The weekly meetings help us to connect and understand what we need to change to make it more meaningful and easier for everyone to learn and teach Table Tennis.