Hosted November 15-16th, 2019 by the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) in Vancouver, Board of Director Thorsten Gohl was the delegate for Table Tennis Canada at this years event.

A great event that was co-hosted by the Canadian Olympic Committee and the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC). Topics included LGBTQ2+, the need for more story telling, panels discussing their successes in the National Sport World, that we need to work closely together, to share among each other, the social and health benefits of sport and much more.

“If you have more than three priorities, you have no priorities.” – Jim Collins

This is a great quote that was shared during the conference. A good reminder on focusing on our main priorities, simplifying and creating a list of our most important action items.

A letter was sent from the COC & CPC to ask the federal government for an increase in funding for National Sport Organizations (NSO’s), knowing that sport has huge benefits on being pro active in supporting both health and social economic environments, rather than being re active. A great way of bringing the Sports World in Canada together.

The meeting among the Summer Olympic Sports gave an update on what is happening in Canada right now.

  • 2026 or 2030 a bit will come forward towards hosting the Commonwealth Games in Canada. Hamilton in 2030 and two other cities will bid for the 2026 games.
  • The well being of coaches is a major concern in Canada. Therefore a task force is looking at how to create more coach wellness in Canada.
  • The Canadian Association of Advancement of Women and Sport (CAAWS) gave an update on what they can do to help NSO’s to use the funding allocated by the Canadian Government. Providing support in gender audits, listen, building strategies and helping with education and workshops.
  • Own the Podium talked about the review of Summer Sports right now. The review will be done by November 2020 with the possibilites of looking at not just medals, but the cultural implications that some sports are facing internationally.
  • The Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada gave a quick update on Safe Sport and how they work. Starting with the complaint coming to the helpline, to investigation unite and in worst case the safeguarding tribunal.
  • Another committee is working on a Universal Code of Conduct and they are at v5 right now. Many partners provided feedback, creating a base line for all sports.
  • Athletes Canada shared their vision with their main priorities. First safe sport and second to become an independent body for male treatment.
  • The Canadian Coaching Association is working on their database (The Locker). Fixing glitches and providing NSO’s with support on getting their coaches up to date. A great way to use the database for reporting to the Federal Government.

Good things are happening in Canada and it is great to see two major partners like the COC & CPC coming together.