We are living in a virtual world now, and so the Athletes Commission came up with the great idea to bring the National Team closer together. 

Matthew Lehmann said it very nicely, “The Athletes Commission was looking for an opportunity to bring together the Senior National Team members.  We decided to invite everyone to meet together for match analysis – one men’s and one women’s match.  We knew the Quebec Federation had put on similar events, so for this trial run we asked Maxime Surprenant to lead the analysis.  Everyone was engaged and involved in sharing ideas, and from the standpoint of the Athletes Commission it was a huge success.  Thanks to Maxime for his effort and expertise, and we hope there can be more events like this in the future! “

Québec Coach Maxime Surprenant added to the excitement “I think it went really well. I was very happy about their participation they answered the questions about time outs and which ball or which serves comes next. A lot of discussions about the tactics too. We don’t always take the time to have these discussions in training and I think it was very beneficial for everyone.”

Such a nice idea coming from the players. Sharing their experiences, coming together and making Team Canada Table Tennis stronger.