With many Provinces & Territories being on lockdown, Table Tennis Canada will offer a Competition Development  Pilot Workshop to be delivered virtually in the month of January and February. 

“This is an inexperienced and unexpected time for all of us. This pandemic is forcing us to rethink how we approach Coach Education In Table Tennis, but we are in track to bounce back by using to the tools available to us at the moment. Our sport will move forward despite the difficulties.”  – Technical Development Manager Marles Martins

The course will be hosted by Master Coach Developer Marles Martins and will start with 3 sessions virtually on January 22, 29 and February 5, 2021. On February 13-14, 2021, the course will be virtually facilitated by Marles and co-delivered in person by local facilitators or Master Coach Developers. That will give the opportunity to make this course national wider in the time of COIVD-19. 

Session #1 – January 22, 6-8:30pm EST
Session #2 – January 29, 6-8pm EST
Session #3 – February 5, 6-8pm EST

Day 1 – 11am to 6pm EST, February 13
Day 2 – 11am to 6pm EST, February 14

Coaches will need to be fully certified in Introduction to Competition in order to participate in this Pilot Workshop. There is a limited amount of spots available. 

And this is only the Table Tennis specific part. Coaches will also need to finish 6 online modules with the NCCP (National Coaches Certification Program) and be evaluated in Make Ethicals Decisions as well as an in training and competition evaluation. Coaches have to also provide a portfolio that will then send to the Coach Evaluator. 

Hopefully in the Fall we will be able to continue providing in person coaching certifications workshops. The yearly plan is to host one Competition Development workshops in the East and one in the West. 

If you have any questions, or you would like to sign up with the course, please send an e-mail to Technical Development Manager Marles Martins at marles@ttcanada.ca.