On Monday 2nd March 2020, TTCAN challenged the table tennis fans in Canada on our Facebook page to see if they knew or remembered who won a Bronze Medal at the 2003 World Junior Championships. We received many responses, and only one was wrong. It is amazing that so many responses were received in a very short period of time and all correct except one.

The correct answer is:

Bence Csaba and Faazil Kassam won the Bronze Medal in Junior Boys Doubles. It is important to note that they lost in the semi-finals to the eventual winners from Japan.

It should be noted that our National Coach at that time was Dejan PAPIC, our current HP Consultant.

The first correct response about the Bronze Medal came at 10:57 a.m. (ET) from Martin Marcotte.

Mr. Marcotte will receive the surprise prize from TTCAN.

The following also provided correct answers very soon after:

    • Gabriel Ng at 11:13 a.m.
    • Vincent Arnaud 11:24 am
    • Raymond Zheng at 11:39 a.m
    • Ricky Lam at 12:34 p.m.
    • Simone Vaz at 1:51 p.m.

The five above correct responses will receive a consolation prize from TTCAN.