Last updated November 19, 2020

Here is an update on COVID-19 within the Provinces & Territories. We will update the page with new information as they come available. 


The Alberta Table Tennis Association has started its junior training programs both in Calgary and Edmonton since the second week of October. Though Alberta started a 2-week restrictions on group sports from November 13 to 27, our training programs are still running as they are considered as a semi-professional sport, which is exempted from the restricted group sports activities. 

We are strictly following the health measures of the Alberta Health Services as we run our training programs. As far as we know, the Calgary United Sports Table Tennis Association, an affiliated club, is also running under the 2-week restriction upon confirmation from the Alberta Health Services.

British Columbia

Sport Clubs are shut down in British Columbia. Large clubs are partially open. Table Tennis clubs are closed.


Group gatherings of: 

Hello all Winnipeg Table Tennis players,  today the Province of Manitoba announced that Winnipeg goes into “Code Red” effective this coming Monday November 2nd.  This means that ALL TABLE TENNIS PROGRAMMING IS SUSPENDED UNTIL AT LEAST TUESDAY NOVEMBER 17TH.

Refunds for events like the Manitoba Closed Championships etc. will be processed in due time.  Fees for ongoing programming will be assessed at a later date as the situation is still very fluid.

New Brunswick

Yellow alert.  Club/training activities running “normally” as long as we are in a zone under yellow alert (with special rules, masks, social distancing… ). No table tennis club activities allowed if the zone becomes orange.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Northwest Territories

Zone/phase/code: 2
Group gatherings of: 25

We are able to continue our Table Tennis program within the Northwest Territories after approval from the Government. We are running training camps, Territorial Championships and National Championships qualifier.

Nova Scotia

In some regions of Nova Scotia (including Halifax), the schools have started allowing the evening and weekend activities starting next week. It means that some clubs in schools will finally open. Also, the NSTTA has just met to discuss the tournament schedule for the rest of the season. We plan to start running the tournaments soon. We will see how it all goes.


Nunavut is under full lock down. No schools, no Table Tennis Clubs.


In all larger clubs in Ontario code Red.

Prince Edward Island

In PEI, the Charlottetown Club is open Monday to Thursday from 6:30 PM  to 8:30 PM. Mondays only juniors come and play on Five tables with each table assigned 6 balls. Tuesdays only seniors play on four tables with 6 balls per tables. Wednesdays only advanced or elite players play on three tables. Thursdays OPEN for both Juniors and Seniors on seven tables(limit of 30 minutes play).

Red zone almost everywhere except in the North of Quebec.


Group gatherings of: 30

Community clubs are open but school clubs are closed due to no extra curricular activity. Our province is not allowing mass gatherings, as a result there are no tournaments allowed at this time.


 In Yukon we are in phase 3 of lifting Covid restrictions as of November 18th.  TT will be starting up in our regular school in Whitehorse as of November 25th with covid precautions in place. We currently have no restrictions regarding the play of doubles in our club. Our only Covid restriction that was unexpected was, no school gym usage on weekends, this limits us to two evenings a week down from our regular four days of TT activity. All sports user groups and other activities like scouts have to share the limited gym time. Hopefully this season is our only experience with pandemic planning and restrictions and we can look forward to unfettered play of our wonderful sport.