Last updated November 02, 2021

Here is an update on COVID-19 within the Provinces & Territories. We will update the page with new information as they come available.  


Open with capacity restrictions and health measures in place ie., social distancing and masking; full vaccination policy (Restrictions Exemption Program) in place where the majority of businesses have adopted for safe access to their services.

1/3 Fire code capacity; with vaccination policy program in place then no health restriction measures other than indoor masking and social distancing.

Are your clubs open right now? Yes. 

Ongoing regular scheduled team training.  CUSTTA Fall Open was held in September 18 &19, 2021.  CUSTTA Open will be held in November 2021.

British Columbia 


Manitoba is allowed to do sports, all 18 and up must provide proof of double vaccination in order to be allowed entry to a facility and to play.  Masks can only be taken off when doing the sport, must be worn in and around the building.

Under 18 do not have to prove proof of vaccination, but same mask wear rules in effect.

New Brunswick 

Newfoundland and Labrador 

Northwest Territories 

What COVID-19 ZONE/PHASE are you in right now: Phase 3

Allowed number of participants in an enclosed space: Max. 10 indoors, 25 outdoors

Are your clubs open right now? Yes. Most clubs are active right now.

Are you hosting any events? Nothing at this point.

Nova Scotia 

Nova Scotia is in the phase 5, whatever it means. We can practice in the clubs. After a long time, the NSTTA held the tournament last Saturday (Oct. 16).

The sport participation is limited to “fully-vaccinated” people.



Step Three of the Roadmap to Reopen (

Indoor open at 50% capacity, with spectators permitted at a maximum capacity of 50% or 1,000 people (whichever is less) and other restrictions

Outdoor open. For unseated events, spectators permitted at a maximum capacity of 75% or 5,000 people (whichever is less) and other restrictions. For events with fixed seating, spectators permitted at a maximum capacity of 75% or 15,000 people (whichever is less) and other restrictions

Are your clubs open right now?  – Yes. 

Ontario Championships this weekend, Ontario Challenges, Ottawa Challenges

As of September 22, 2021, you will need to provide proof of vaccination to access certain businesses and settings.

More details:

Complete, details info:

Prince Edward Island

Phase 3 in PEI, Anybody entering the building has to be double dose vaccinated. same goes for out of province players.

Allowed number of participants in an enclosed space:  – max. 20 indoors, 50 outdoors

Throughout 2021 our club was open. we practiced Juniors 2 days, Seniors 2 days

We are hosting tournaments this year, Nov 16 is our first tournament and out of province players are welcome to attend, provided they had their two shots of vaccine and with proof. School sport programs are on going in the communities. 






Yukon is in Phase 3 (New Normal) of A Path Forward (Yukon’s plan for easing Covid restrictions) 5 Stages with the 5th being back to normal.

Minister’s Emergency measures order expired August 25th.

No restrictions in bars & restaurants

Sports groups are unrestricted if all vaccinated.

For Whitehorse TT We have full access to our school gym on our regular days & times

So Whitehorse club is open – no special events in the near future.