At the 2019 AGM on 8 June 2019, the first “Special Awards” were presented to Mike Skinner and Najam Chishti for long-term service to table tennis in Canada. On that occasion Chandra Madhosingh (PhD) was not in attendance due to a medical procedure he was undergoing. Also, on that occasion Chandra was elected as a Director of TTCAN.

It was the intention of our President, Adham Sharara, to present the Special Award to Chandra in person at the 2020 AGM or preferably at the 2020 Canadian Championships in July in Vancouver. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic the Canadian Championships were cancelled, and the AGM was held virtually (Zoom) on 19 September 2020.

The President asked Amelia Ho, the President of the British Columbia TTA to represent TTCAN and present the Award in person to Chandra Madhosingh. This occurred a few days before the 2020 TTCAN AGM (19 September) at which Chandra was honoured by his peers. The president, Adham Sharara, recounted Chandra’s many contributions to our sport in Canada.

“I know Chandra since I was 16 years old, which is 51 years ago. He was a dedicated coach in his High School (Britannia), as well as a volunteer coach at the provincial and national levels. He was the National Coach of Canada that took our Junior National Team to China for a month-long training and competition tour of China in 1972. Chandra also organized tournaments at all levels from school tournaments to national championships. I don’t know where he found the time, but he also managed to become an International Umpire and a Level-3 NCCP certified coach. No one in Canada has the credentials that Dr. Madhosingh has in table tennis. He also served on the ITTF’s Media Committee for many years being the first one into the Media Centre and the last one out.” Adham Sharara said.

“Chandra was, and remains, my mentor, my advisor and definitely my hero. We are honoured to have him as a member of our Board of Directors.” Adham Sharara added.

Congratulations to Chandra for receiving this prestigious award.