Due to a last-minute cancellation, Edward Ly is invited by the WTT, at the last minute, to participate in the 2024 WTT CHAMPIONS INCHEON in Korea on 27-31 March 2024.

The invitation arrived late on Friday 22 March. Luckily, Edward was already in Taipei for special training preparing for upcoming events (Men’s World Cup, etc), and accepted the invitation.

The WTT CHAMPIONS is an exclusive event reserved for the top 32 players in the World. Edward is currently ranked No.38 in the World, dropping 2 places since his highest career-high ranking of 36th in the World in February 2024. Hopefully taking part in the WTT Champions will give Edward some more points to boost his ranking.

As a 21-year-old Canadian player, Edward’s achievements are remarkable. TTCAN wishes him all the best at this very tough event.

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