The TTCAN Board of Directors decided at one of its meetings to nominate a new generation of Canadians to ITTF Committees as follows:

Julia Charbonneau – ITTF Veterans Committee

Thorsten Gohl – ITTF Media Committee

Peter Isherwood – ITTF ParaTT Committee

Keven Lachaîne – ITTF URC

The Canadian nominees were chosen based on their volunteer work in TTCAN:

Julia Charbonneau is the first and current Chair of TTCAN’s Gender Equity & Equality Committee (GEE), she is also an active participant in international Veteran events. Julia was a long-time member of Canada’s national team and trained at the National Training Centre when she attended Algonquin College in Ottawa. Julia remained active in table tennis as a player and eventually becoming a coach. She currently coaches at the Ottawa Table Tennis Club.

Thorsten Gohl is a member of TTCAN’s Board of Director and has taken many volunteer responsibilities within TTCAN. Most notably, Thorsten is the Chair of the TTCAN’s Coaching Development Committee as well as being a member of several other committees. Thanks to Thorsten, TTCAN’s social media platforms were reactivated a couple of years ago. Thorsten is an avid photographer. Most of the pictures you see on our website and many on Facebook come from Thorsten’s lens. He has the standards of a professional photographer and produces some of the best table tennis action photos. Thorsten is also the driving force behand the development of table tennis in the Northwest Territories where he lives.

Peter Isherwood is TTCAN’s Athletes Representative and a member of the Board of Directors. He is also a ParaTT National team member and has represented Canada in numerous ParaTT international events in the wheelchair category. He is also a member of TTCAN’s ParaTT Committee and TTCAN’s High Performance Commission. Peter recently became a first-time father but remains an active competitive athlete training at the North Shore TT Club in Vancouver.

Keven Lachaîne is the Chair of TTCAN’s Umpires and Referees Committee (URC). He is also an International Umpire. With the retirement of Norman Tang from the ITTF’s URC after many years of service, it was only natural to nominate TTCAN’s URC Chair. Kevin’s goal is to certify many Umpires and Referees in Canada, as well as in his home province of Quebec, and encourage retired players to become Umpires and Referees.

Our nominations were 50% successful. Thorsten Gohl and Keven Lachaîne were elected as corresponding members of the ITTF’s Media Committee and ITTF’s URC respectively. A corresponding member has the same rights and duties as a full member. However, only full members receive free hospitality (meals and hotel) at the World Championships. The TTCAN Board decided at its last meeting to financially assist the two selected Canadians to help them attend the next World Championships in China and attend “in person” their respective committee meetings.