Sport for Life, in partnership with Table Tennis Canada, has embarked on a transformative journey to promote inclusivity and diversity within the realms of Table Tennis. Through strategic collaborations and innovative initiatives, we are working towards creating more welcoming and inclusive environments for participants from all backgrounds.

Table Tennis Canada, under the guidance of Technical Director Marles Martins and President Adam Sharara, has taken significant steps to enhance inclusivity within the sport. By collaborating closely with Sport for Life, they have developed a range of instructional tools and resources tailored specifically for table tennis. These initiatives include updating the LTD pathway to engage underserved communities, creating lesson plans for PLAYBuilder, and conducting workshops and eLearnings to empower Learning Facilitators nationwide. The focus is on building capacity and fostering meaningful engagement with underserved communities, ultimately creating a more inclusive table tennis community.

Marles Martins, expressing his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighted the positive impact of these initiatives on Table Tennis Canada. He stated, “Working with Sport for Life was a game-changer for Table Tennis Canada. Their expertise and resources allowed us to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all participants, especially those New to Canada. We were excited to see these tools’ positive impact on our communities.”

These collaborative efforts between Sport for Life and Table Tennis Canada, exemplify a shared commitment to promoting equity, inclusion, diversity, and accessibility within sports. By leveraging expertise, resources, and innovative approaches, these organizations are paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse sporting landscape, where individuals from all backgrounds can thrive and participate fully in the joy of sports.