A special “awareness” webinar regarding Gender Equity and Gender Equality will be presented live on-line on 5 December in English and on 6 December in French.

This will be the first webinar in a series of webinars regarding Gender Equity and Equality. The initial webinar will focus on “awareness” and will be of general nature. The follow-up webinars will be directed to specific groups such as coaches, umpires, etc.

The presenter of the webinar is Lilamani De Soysa, a member of the International Women’s Group (IWG) and an expert in the area of Gender Equity. Ms. De Soysa will present in both English and French as she is perfectly bilingual regarding our official languages and also speaks many other languages. In addition, Ms. De Soysa was a national team member in table tennis and until recently competed in the Swiss national table tennis league. She also worked for the ITTF for many years and one of her responsibilities was Gender Equity.

Ms. De Soysa has delivered courses and coordinated Gender Equity seminars and programs all over the world and most recently in Japan. She will act as a consultant to TTCAN in the implementation of our new Gender Equity plan.

All are invited and welcome to attend the webinar in December, the access details will be made available prior to the seminar.

You can see a presentation by Lilamani De Soysa at the “Smart Cities and Sport Summit 2020” by clicking here:


23 November 2020