Table Tennis Canada is very excited to start a new webinar series that will talk about Gender Equity. Why organize webinars about Gender Equity? Table tennis is not well known and often not seen here as a real sport, showing a positive image of the sport, especially for girls and increasing the presence of women in table tennis are the main goals of these webinars. Plus, through these moments we want to introduce you to some amazing leaders, coaches, officials and athletes. This is another amazing initiative from the very active TTCAN Gender Equity committee.

Let us know if you have some subject or guest that you would like to hear at

Here is the schedule for all our events from 2023:

May 10 – Equity, Diversion and Inclusion in Table Tennis
September 13 – Mental Performance in Table Tennis
October 11 – Table Tennis Physical Training

Webinars are free and open to everyone !!!

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