In response to a call for initiatives, actions and programs addressing gender Equity and Equality, and in particular to find new creative actions that could result in a positive outcome and an increase in female participation; we have received six interesting proposals from across the country. All six will be implemented due to the special funding from Sport Canada.

The NWT Table tennis association, with Thorsten Gohl’s help, took the initiative first and started a program even before our call for action. The NWT program is very innovative and uses some special features such as having an experienced coach as a mentor to young players in the territories. The mentor is Julia Charbonneau who provides instruction and feedback to the players while she is in Ottawa through Zoom or Skype. A special feature explaining this great program will appear soon on our website, you can find some information and photos on our Facebook page.

Thierry Verviers, NCCP certified coach and coach of the Prestige TT Club in Repentigny for many years, has prepared a very interesting analysis of why previous programs did not work, and he puts forward some very interesting ideas. His analysis will lead TTCAN to form a special Commission to oversee the TTCAN’s Gender Equity and Equality plan. In the meantime, Thierry has presented an initial pilot project in his club, which will start this month.

Vincent Aumoitte, Technical Director of the Quebec TT Federation has just concluded a pilot project in which he involved experts from France with direct actions benefiting some young female players in Quebec.

The Ontario TT Association has opted to use experienced active and retired women players as well as women coaches in a special program to raise the level of young girls on the Ontario and National teams.

The North Shore TT Club in Vancouver, under the guidance of Luba Sadovska, NCCP certified coach, will run 2 distinct programs for the benefit of female coaches, players and educators. The two 3-month programs will start in mid-January.

TTCAN will present each of these programs and their progress as they develop.

A new call for further projects will be made in March 2021.

Let’s see if these actions will provide the desired result of motivating young female players to remain committed to our sport, and if the momentum generated will attract new young girls to table tennis.

As previously announced, a special webinar for Coaches addressing Gender Equity & Equality will take place at the end of January 2021.

4 January 2021