Greg Dzioba is the most notable umpire in Canada.  His reputation as an elite official in the world of table tennis is well known.  He has attended every major event throughout the world during the past 20 years.  His professionalism on the court has inspired many others to follow in his footsteps.  Greg is, and continues to be, impressive both on and off the court.  Canada is fortunate to have an official of his calibre (see list of events below).

Greg has shared some thoughts with us:

“Officials will have to go through big adjustments due to Covid restrictions.  TheseOlympics and Paralympics will be different than the previous ones. That is for sure.  As officials, we received strict guidelines that we must follow and meet the criteria.

Even though most umpires from all over the world will be fully vaccinated, we must test at least 9672 hours prior to departure.  Upon arrival in Japan, we will be tested again and several times during the competition.

We must download two applications to our cell phones (OCHA and Covid-19) to protect ourselves and others. It will be activated after we receive a password (code) a few days before departure.

We have been told that there will be no public transportation, no sightseeing, or no extended stay in Tokyo.  Wearing a mask is always mandatory. Basically, we will be working in the bubble!!! They will probably allow 25% spectators from Japan to watch the Games from the venues. That’s the tip of the iceberg of all the restrictions that we must follow. Instead of focusing on the Games, we must focus to meet the requirements to get to the Games in the first place! It’s very stressful.  However, I will continue to do my best in Tokyo.”

On behalf of TTCAN’s Umpires and Referees Committee, we wish Greg tremendous success at the Games.

Major Events since 2016

2016    World Championships – Malaysia – Feb                

2016    Pan American Junior Championships – Vancouver                    

2017    World Championships – Dusseldorf, Germany        

2017    US Open, Las Vegas, USA

2018    Australian Open                                                              

2019    North American Open, (Markham, ON)              

2020    Qatar Open, Doha