Canada Day, also known as Canada’s birthday, is a national holiday celebrated on July 1st each year. Today holds great significance for Canadians as it symbolizes the birth of their nation and the values of diversity, inclusivity, and freedom that Canada stands for. It is a day filled with festivities, parades, fireworks, and various cultural events that bring people together to celebrate the rich history, natural beauty, and achievements of this great country. Canadians take pride in their multicultural heritage and use this day to express their love and gratitude for their homeland.

Google states it nicely: “It’s also important to note that while today marks the 156th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation, that this nation is situated on lands and waterways that have been habited for thousands of years. Many people spend Canada Day reflecting on how the country was built on Indigenous territories and the path towards reconciliation. The Inuit, First Nations, and Métis people have been stewards of the land and landscapes depicted in today’s Doodle — and Indigenous peoples continue to protect and preserve our lands.

To learn more about how Canadians can support Indigenous communities, please refer to the 94 Calls to Action developed by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

We hope today’s events and reflections can help create a more equitable future for all.”

Happy Canada Day!!!