We would like to receive your input on the Canadian rating system. Please ask that all input be sent to the following 2 e-mail addresses before 1 September 2019:
Adham Sharara – as@ttcanada.ca
Julia He – juliahe@ttcanada.ca
On 1 September 2019, the work to fix our current Rating System will start. At the same time the tournament integrated software will be connected to the Rating system.
As the current Rating System is not to everyone’s liking and there are many complaints, and at the top it definitely does not reflect the real value and level of the players, we need to receive input from all concerned on what they would like to see changed or added or deleted from the current system. Once this input is received, then the new Rating Committee will establish priorities and the IT expert will start developing the new Rating System accordingly.
The Rating System will be designed with a lot of flexibility, which means that all values will be variable and changeable at any time. This will make it very flexible and very easy to make changes as needed. Also, if errors in results are detected, the corrections will be very easy to make. We will also design a simpler and faster way to obtain an initial Rating so that players can be on the Rating system and have a Ranking much sooner than now.
Please find attached the current Rating System description and point system by clicking on the links below: