The pre-qualification tournament is concluded with the following players moving on to the final Trials for the 2023 Pan Am Games and Pan Am Championships:


  1. Nathalie CHAN (BC)
  2. Demi Yu Ting CAI (ON)


  1. Mattéo MARTIN (QC)
  2. Kevin GUO (ON)
  3. David XU (ON)
  4. Winston KALICAHARAN (ON)

They will join the National Team members for the final qualification phase on 3-4 June 2023.

For detailed results and draws click here:

The top 3 men and top 3 women will form the team for the Pan Am Games in Santiago in October. The 4thman and the 4th woman will join the top 3 for the Pan American Championships in Cuba in September.

Photo by Thorsten Gohl