The International Table Tennis Federation and the continental North American Federation set up a high performance training camp with players from all over Canada. This was hosted at MY Table Tennis Club in Mississauga, Ontario in December right after the 2019 North American Open. This was a great opportunity for our Canadian players to practice with high level international players right here in Canada.

International players that participated:

Mittelham Nina (GER 41)
De Nutte Sarah (LUX 80)
Bogdanova Nadezhda (BLR 101)
Trigolos Daria (BLR 112)
Kamath Archana Girish (IND 134)
Thakar Manav Vikash (IND 152)
Pinto Daniele (ITA 314)

Invited Canadian players were:

Jeremy Hazin, Ontario
Terence Yeung, Ontario

Other Canadians that were allowed to participate:

Eugene Wang, Ontario
Hongtao Chen, Ontario
Edward Ly, Québec
Joyce Xu, Ontario

The ITTF coaches for this week training were Andrea Ojstersek and Joze Urh.