2019 ITTF Challenge Plus North American Open
Markham, ON – December 4-8, 2019

TTCAN will register 12 players per gender for the ITTF North American Open – All senior National Team players (9 men and 9 women) and the top three junior players from the 2019 Canadian Junior Championships.

Eugene Zhen Wang (ON)
Antoine Bernadet (QC)
Marko Medjugorac (QC)
Jeremy Hazin (ON)
Matthew Lehmann (MB)
Terence Yeung (ON)
Edison Huang (BC)
Edward Ly (QC)
Hongtao Chen (ON)
Tommy Xu (QC)
Max J.L. Ji (BC)
David Xu (ON)

Mo Zhang (BC)
Alicia Côté (QC)
Siqian Wu (ON)
Sophie Gauthier (QC)
Joyce Xu (ON)
Ivy Liao (BC)
Kelly Fei Zhao (ON)
Isabelle Xiong (BC)
May Tong (ON)
Benita Zhou (BC)
Fiona J.Y. Nie (BC)
Patrina Hui (BC)

More information can be found here: 2019 ITTF Challenge Plus, North American Open
Number of entries are subject of approval of the ITTF.
All players are responsible for their expenses.