In a momentous collaboration between Game Plan and the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Ivy Liao from British Columbia. As part of the largest cohort to date, Ivy joins 25 Team Canada athletes embarking on the next phase of their coaching journeys through the Coaching Education Program.

Since its inception in 2018, Game Plan’s Coaching Education Program has witnessed remarkable growth, with over 114 participants propelling their coaching careers forward. Notably, the program has welcomed over 80 female athletes, benefiting from the CAC’s Women in Coaching initiative. This program underscores the significance of female mentorship in both recruiting and retaining talent within Canada’s sports system, fostering a more inclusive and diverse coaching landscape.

Ivy Liao’s dedication and commitment to advancing her coaching career exemplify the spirit of excellence and continuous learning that defines the Coaching Education Program. As Ivy and her fellow participants embark on this transformative journey, we celebrate their achievements and look forward to the positive impact they will undoubtedly make in the realm of sports coaching.

We applaud Ivy Liao and all participants for their dedication to honing their coaching skills and contributing to the growth and development of Canada’s sports community. Their passion, drive, and commitment serve as an inspiration to aspiring coaches and athletes alike, embodying the ethos of excellence and progress in the coaching realm.

Congratulations to Ivy Liao and the entire cohort on this significant milestone in their coaching careers. We eagerly anticipate the positive contributions they will make to the sports landscape in Canada and beyond.