In the past, the Jacques Bobet Trophy was kept by the winner of the trophy until the next Canadian Junior Championships.

The Bobet Trophy, as it is commonly known, is awarded yearly at the Canadian Junior Championships to the province/territory that accumulated the most points in all events. This is not necessarily to reward excellence, although that is part of it, but more to reflect “depth” of the winning province/territory.

At one point, TTCAN for financial and logistic reasons, decided not to send the perpetual trophies to the Canadian Championships site, and instead just have a group photo for the winning province/territory. Also, the perpetual trophies were kept in the TTCAN office and not send to the respective winners.

In the case of the Jacques Bobet Trophy, we will revive the old tradition and at least send it to the winning province/territory to keep it until the next championships and have it on display, if they wish, in their association’s office, or at their training centre. Also, a commemorative plaque will be given to the winning province/territory, which could be displayed as well and kept in perpetuity.

On March 17, 2021, the Jacques Bobet Trophy, which was won by QUEBEC at the 2019 Canadian Junior Championships in Summerside, PE, was presented by Marles Martins, TTCAN Technical Development Manager, to Vincent Aumoitte, FTTQ Technical Director, for safe keeping until the next Canadian Junior Championships. A commemorative plaque was also presented. The presentations took place at the FTTQ’s Office and HP Training Centre in Montreal.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic the 2020 Canadian Junior Championships did not take place. We look forward to the 2021 edition.

Here are previous winners of the Jacques Bobet trophy over the last 10 years:

2009    British Colombia
2010    British Colombia
2011    ONTARIO
2012    ONTARIO
2013    QUÉBEC
2014    ONTARIO
2015    ONTARIO
2016    ONTARIO
2017    ONTARIO
2018    British Colombia
2019    QUÉBEC